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Canada's Only Tablet Designed To Boost Your Credit Score.

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The Credit Slab Program – In a Nutshell!

We help improve your credit score by introducing loans and a credit card onto your credit report. These loans and credit cards are arranged via our exclusive 3rd party lenders.

We monitor and synchronize these new trade lines, in order to help you achieve your goals and get the credit score that you deserve. The loans will entirely pay for the Credit Slab tablet, our Credit/Debt App, all of our credit monitoring, coaching, analysis and the protection guarantee of your credit. You pay $49/ weekly payments and we do all of the work.

The Credit Slab program is designed ONLY for those that are serious about improving their credit rating.

In fact we only approve those who can prove that they are committed to making changes to their fiscal and credit lives.

The Credit Slab Program. Not Rocket Science!

We are not rocket scientists! However, we know credit and we know it very well! We know how to help get you the credit rating that you deserve. We organize the new trade lines with our lending affiliates for you, so that your new prospective lenders will judge you based on your credit behaviours of today; versus your old bad credit.

Sick of being judged by your old bad credit or a bankruptcy from the past? We help create the New You!

Each month that you remain committed to the loans and programs will be demonstrating your abilities to pay back debts. This is exactly what new lenders and mortgage companies want to see. Let the banks, mortgage companies and auto loans companies get to know the NEW YOU!

A Credit Report secret that most people don’t know!!!

Your Credit Report is like a clock!

A credit bureau is similar to a clock that has 6 years on it versus 12 hours. Most items will stay on your credit report for up to 6 years in most parts of Canada; which also means bad credit will fall off or purge over time as well. Essentially, each month and each year are valuable trigger opportunities for you to gain points to your credit score. Within the clock are reporting algorithms that when synchronized, will allow your score to increase faster; which is why our monitoring and reporting finance partners work with us to help improve your credit rating. The Credit Slab program is only for those who are serious about credit improvement and for those that are willing to commit to the plan. This program is all about demonstrating to the world that you can be responsible over a period of time. What most people don’t know is that financiers and lenders want to see your credit score within certain low risk ranges; but they also want to see how you handle your fiscal matters over the course of 1, 2 or even 3 years. You now have the opportunity to clean up some of your old credit messes, while building new valuable responsible credit! All this in the palm of your hands, on your Credit Slab tablet.

Grow Your Score

Growing healthy clean credit is very important. In order to obtain the highest credit score you will need a blend of credit types. The Credit Slab program will work with you to help set up Revolving and Installment credit.

It is also important not to over utilize your credit cards. Revolving credit is best kept under 70% of the limit and we strongly discourage taking your credit to or over the limit. These practices will lower your score and lenders may perceive you as a higher risk consumer.

Credit Repair App

Looking to delete bad credit from your credit report? Use our professional grade credit repair and dispute suite to get the most recent copy of your credit report and generate proper and effective disputes. We designed this program based on our own credit lab which has already successfully helped many thousands of Canadians repair their credit reports. Let our Credit Repair system help you delete errors, compliance violations, and other wrongful data off of your credit report. This software is so easy to use and is as simple as tapping your screen. Clean up those old credit errors, while building new fresh credit with the Credit Slab program.

Debt Settlement App

Did you know that our newest Debt Settlement App can help you lower your payments or settle your old bad debts? Our debt settlement program will help you negotiate those deals with your creditors without paying any fees to a debt settlement agency. Cut the deals yourself and lower your monthly payments or even offer a discounted lump sum payout! Our App is so easy to use and saving hundreds or thousands of dollars, may be only a few taps away!


In some cases having NO credit is worse than having bad credit.  What is even worse is trying to get new credit and re-establishing new credit after you've claimed bankruptcy.  If you are rebuilding new credit after a bankruptcy or simply trying to avoid bankruptcy then this Credit Slab tablet is for you! Your Credit Slab tablet comes preloaded with everything you need to help improve your credit rating and increase your credit score while also directly connecting you to Canada's top debt solutions for any debt settlement matters.  We even register the loan on your credit bureau to show the world your new payment habits. 

Credit Slab Tablet Features & Specification

Credit Slab Tablet Features

Benefits of Financing with Credit Slab


Credit Slab was designed by two of Canada's most accomplished credit repair experts Canada Credit Fix and Debt OutCanada Credit Fix and their credit specialists have been involved in the development of credit repair , debt settlement and credit protection programs for over 2 decades.   Canada Credit Fix has made a practice of hiring experts from banks, collection agencies and has even retained ex-employees of Equifax.   Canada Credit Fix was built by credit repair experts who know and understand credit reports, credit scores and can help get you the credit rating you deserve on your both your credit bureaus. Our broker partners may even be able to help you get that mortgage or auto loan you want right from your Credit Slab !


The Credit Slab System works fast and our credit experts understand how the credit scoring system works. We engineer the reporting so that your credit score will improve quicker as you make your payments on time.  We also help you protect your credit from Identity theft and credit fraud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our partnership with Identity Lock and their programs will guarantee the safety of your credit report while on their watch!  www.Identitylock.ca Credit protection is included with your Credit Slab tablet purchase and will protect your credit for the life of your Credit Slab loan. There is no sense in building a new healthy credit report and credit score, if you are not going to protect it! Identity Lock will also include their Credit Monitoring program attached to both your Equifax Credit Report and your Transunion Credit Report, leaving you rest assured that your credit score will continue to increase in a positive manner on both reposts.

Earn 50 AIR MILES® **reward miles when you purchase a Credit Slab.   

Bankruptcy After Being Unemployed.

"I was forced into bankruptcy after an accident left me unemployed for six months. I gave up everything including my great credit score. Getting new credit once I was discharged was virtually impossible. I bought the Credit Slab a little over nine months ago and I've literally watched my credit score increase by ninety five points! The program is worth every cent and its given me back my once great credit rating."


Virtually everything you do these days involves your credit rating, credit score and you having a good credit report means so much.  Your Canadian credit rating and credit score tells Banks, Lenders, Credit Card Companies, Insurers, Landlords, Loan officers, Mortgage Agencies and Employers what credit risk level you may be and whether they should accept you as a client, employee or approve your loan, mortgage or credit card application.  In many cases you may be subjected to higher interest rates because of the bad credit showing up on your credit report and even worse, you may simply get declined for credit you applied for. 

Credit Slab works with Canadian Credit reports and helps you get the credit you deserve simply by purchasing and using your credit slab. Use your Credit Slab at home, work or use it at school; this Credit Slab is fully portable, light and very thin. Credit Slab can go with you everywhere you go!


Your Credit Slab Tablet tells creditors, mortgage lenders, automobile finance agencies and credit card companies that you really care about your credit rating and your credit score!  By demonstrating your commitment to improve your credit, you are sending a strong message to those lenders viewing your credit report that you mean business and it is important to you that your credit bureau is as important to you as it is to them.  Clean credit means more loan approvals and better interest rates for you. Good credit can save you thousands of dollars on mortgages, auto loans and credit cards. Get your Credit Slab Tablet today and start improving your credit now!


The Credit Experts at Credit Slab are not rocket scientists! With that being said, they are true Canadian Credit experts that know and understand your credit report, credit score and know exactly how to improve your credit rating on your credit bureaus.  They also understand how to help get you new responsible good credit that shows up on your Canadian credit bureau fast.  The longer you have a good payment history showing up on your credit report the higher your credit score will usually climb.  Plain and simple....  pay on time and keep your credit under the prescribed credit limits and your score may skyrocket!  Most credit specialists know that credit agencies, auto lenders, and mortgage companies like to see at least 3 positive trade lines on your credit report!  Use the Credit Slab and we will help you obtain these 3 key ingredients!  Your Credit Slab Tablet is your virtual portal to good clean credit. 

your credit

Our unique Credit Slab Tablet gives you a platform for you to take hold of and manage your credit.

Raise your credit score

Our program provides you the information and methodology you need to build your credit.

Monitor your credit

Being proactive and monitoring you credit can also help your credit profile.

Credit Fraud Alert

We provide monitoring your credit ensure you aren't a victim of fraud or identity theft through Identity Lock.

Peace of

Sleep easy at night knowing you are in the best possible hands getting your credit under control.

Credit Guarantee

Our Credit Slab Credit Improvement System comes with a full credit guarantee. You will be able to start making a difference on your credit on Day 1!

Credit Repair

If you need Credit Repair, we can set you up with our Third Party partners to help you fix incorrect information on your credit report.

Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals may leave irreversible scars and damage to your credit report. Our affiliates will point you in the right direction in terms of making the right financial choices.

Credit Restoration

If you have fallen victim to credit fraud or identity theft, our team of professionals is available every step of the way to help you get everything straightened out.

Credit Slab – Canada’s Premier Credit Improvement System

What you need to know about repairing your credit, credit report, credit rating and improving your credit score on your Equifax and Transunion credit Bureau in Canada.

Many people ask “how can I fix my credit report” or “How to fix bad credit rating”.  Often people will apply for a secured credit card, sometimes they will get a secured Visa or a secured Master Card.  Getting secured credit cards to show upon your credit report is very important if you want to increase your credit score.  Most credit bureaus in Canada such as Equifax and Transunion, will increase points on your credit score for each secured credit card or unsecured credit card you have showing up on your credit report.  Each month you make a payment to your credit card will help improve your credit rating and credit score.  Unsecured debts and secured loans such as car loans and lines of credit are also helpful if you are trying to improve your credit fast.  These debts are called installment loans and will typically show up on your credit report with both Equifax and Transunion.  The credit bureau will often report your good credit and bad credit so it is important that you pay your bills and make your payments on time.  This is important to both insure you increase your credit score, credit rating and avoid having bad credit.  Credit scores in Canada are often referred to as Beacon score or Fico score.  What people also may not know about credit score improvement is that TransUnion and Equifax will almost always report a different credit score on your credit reports in Canada. 

Another fact about credit reports in Canada is the Credit Bureau.  The Credit Bureau of Canada is actually a collection agency that collects bad debts.  Many Canadians assume that they are a credit reporting agency like Equifax or TransUnion.  Although that being said a credit bureau is simply another name for a credit report in Canada.

Getting credit and re-establishing credit after bankruptcy is often a difficult task. We recommend that rebuilding your credit rating properly, after you have filed a consumer proposal or bankruptcy is very important and we encourage various things to help improve your credit report.  Firstly, it is important to remove errors on your credit report which often may occur before, during and after a bankruptcy.  It is your responsibility to insure that the information on your credit report is accurate.  Often there will be errors on your credit report and many people ask….  “How do I remove errors from my credit report” or “how do I fix my credit rating after a bankruptcy”.  It is imperative that you immediately insure that both Equifax and Transunion receive a copy of your bankruptcy discharge certificate and that your bankruptcy discharge is being reported properly.  Before applying for auto loans with bad credit, or credit cards with bad credit it is imperative that the credit errors on your credit report are fixed and all of your old bad credit debts have been settled.  Fixing your credit report first will often help you get better rates on your car loans and your credit cards.  Getting better interest rates with bad credit can be tricky but will save you thousands of dollars, especially when it comes to auto loans or mortgages in Canada.

Getting auto loans with bad credit, getting mortgages with bad credit and credit cards with bad credit can prove to be tricky if your credit report and credit score are not up to the Canadian bank lending standards.  Fixing your credit and improving your Canadian credit score is easy with the new Credit Slab.  The credit repair Application will make it easy for you to dispute your bad credit or errors on your credit report.  You need to remember that this credit repair system is designed to help repair mistakes that show up as bad credit and insure that items on your credit report are reporting properly.  Many Canadians want to know “how long does bad credit stay on your credit report?”  If you have bad credit as a result of not paying your debts, most of these items will stay on your credit bureau for 6 to 7 years in Canada.  Paying your bad debts is step one if you want to improve your credit fast.  The fastest way to improve your bad credit is to deal with all of the incorrect items on your credit report and pay off all of the bad debts.  Credit repair and debt settlement are both processes that will improve your Canadian credit report if they are done properly.

RCS is a 100% Canadian debt relief, debt management, debt negotiation & settlement, debt consolidation and credit repair & mortgage broker debt services company 100% Canadian Owned & Operated!
Credit Improvement Solutions provides Canada-wide credit rebuilding and credit protection services for: Alberta credit score improvement & credit report protection  | British Columbia credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Manitoba credit score improvement & credit report protection  | New Brunswick Debt credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Newfoundland credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Northwest Territories credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Nova Scotia credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Nunavut credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Ontario credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Prince Edward Island credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Quebec credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Saskatchewan credit score improvement & credit report protection  | Yukon credit score improvement & credit report protection  
Credit Slab Credit improvement Solution offers credit rebuilding services and credit score increase assistance for  Equifax and Transunion credit reports for all cities, including: Vancouver credit score improvement & credit report protection  , Edmonton credit score improvement & credit report protection, Calgary credit score improvement & credit report protection, Winnipeg credit score improvement & credit report protection, Saskatoon credit score improvement & credit report protection, Regina credit score improvement & credit report protection, Ottawa credit score improvement & credit report protection, Toronto credit score improvement & credit report protection, Montreal Debt credit score improvement & credit report protection, Fredericton credit score improvement & credit report protection, Halifax credit score improvement & credit report protection, Charlottetown credit score improvement & credit report protection, St. John's credit score improvement & credit report protection, Yellowknife credit score improvement & credit report protection, Whitehorse credit score improvement & credit report protection and more.  Our tablet credit improvement systems are available in all Canadian Provinces with the exception of Quebec.  Quebec residence should contact us directly for alternative credit rebuilding services we offer through our credit improvement partner programs.