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Your Credit Is Too Important Not To Be Protected

Why Credit Protection?

Identity theft can happen to just about anybody. Nowadays this crime is easier for criminals to comit identity theft. It is also easier than ever to be protected.

The Canadian Anti Fraud Centre last year recorded almost $16 Billion dollars in losses directly related ideneity theft and fraud. Don't let yourself become another statistic. Apply today and be protected.

Credit Protection

Your Credit Slab Credit Improvement System comes with a full membership with our partner Identity Lock for identity theft protection and monitoring. Identity Lock is Canada's leader in identity fraud and theft protection.

Credit Protection is designed to help maintain credit health for individuals. As part of the coverage provided by the identity theft protection services, you will enjoy the benefits such as tools to prevent identity theft, which would allow you quickly cancel lost or stolen credit cards, or be alerted of any new and negative items that appear on your credit report. Essentially, the credit protection seeks to identify and effectively deal with any factor that could arise and have an adverse impact on your credit score


Credit Guarantee

Our Credit Slab Credit Improvement System comes with a full credit guarantee. You will be able to start making a difference on your credit on Day 1!


Credit Repair

If you need Credit Repair, we can set you up with our Third Party partners to help you fix incorrect information on your credit report.


Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals may leave irreversible scars and damage to your credit report. Our team will help you to see if a Debt Settlement is your best alternative.


Credit Restoration

If you have fallen victim to credit fraud or identity theft, our team of professionals is available every step of the way to help you get everything straightened out.